Islam – The need for reform

This website will clearly show what is wrong with various Islamic teachings in the Quran.

In the face of global terrorism, being committed in the name of Islam, the need for reform has never been more urgent.

An analysis of the verses from the Quran will be published here to demonstrate what is driving terrorism and put into action the steps needed for the reform of Islam.

If Islam is to survive as a credible religion and if the world is to defeat Islamic terrorism, there is no doubt that a reformation has to take place.

One thought on “Islam – The need for reform

  1. No reform is possible.
    1. 1400 years of barbarism unmarred by progress.
    2. Have you read the Koran? I have. No reform is possible w/o rewriting the koran.
    3. There are >300 million ‘radical’ Moslems. They aren’t radical. They are mainstream. The other 900 million are Moslem in name only. Way too many to ever reform.
    4. Only cure for Islamic is extermination. There are just too many to exterminate.
    5. Best we can hope for is to hold them in abeyance until Chistians, for the 5th time, get so sick of Moslem violence that there is a 5th pushback Crusade.

    Good luck, Don Quiote

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