Islam – The need for reformation

Islam is a religion that dates back to the 7th century.  It has many teachings that hark back to a bygone age. These teachings are no longer relevant in today’s world.

It is these very teachings that are being used (and abused) by Islamic State (ISIS) and numerous other Islamic terrorists, the world over.

Despite this undeniable religious aspect to this terrorism, we are failing to examine the connection with the religion concerned.

Those who attempt to ignite any sort of debate or discussion in this area are often met with immediate accusations of Islamophobia. The discussion is then muted before it even began. This cannot continue. We are failing as a nation, and we are failing as a planet if we collectively refuse any probing into the reasons why Islam is at the centre of the worlds terrorism.

We will not defeat Islamic terrorism, if we are continually spoon fed the line that Islam is the “religion of peace” whenever an Islamist act of terror takes place. We need to address the problem at source. We need to examine the verses in the Quran that are being used to drive Islamic terrorist agendas. This is not happening and countless lives are being lost as a result.

Failing to act in the manner we should be, is undermining efforts that are being made to bring about the reform of Islam. It is stifling debate and hampering any chance in tackling terrorism. Referring to Islamic State as Daesh is wrong and counter productive. It is an attempt to distance ISIS from Islam. But the end result is that we simply move away from having an intelligent debate on Islam – under the false assumption that Islamic State has “nothing to do with Islam”.

We need to accept that these terror groups are basing their acts of terror on what is written in the Quran. Their interpretation is neither twisted nor wrong.

They are not basing their ideology on an ancient outdated form of Islam, differing to that practised by the wider Muslim community today. It is exactly the same Islam that is practised by Muslims today. However, these Muslims may themselves be completely unaware of the content of the Muslim scriptures. Just continuing to ignore the violent Quran passages is no longer the option that it once may have been.

We are witnessing a return to primitive Islam. Islam in its purest form. The Islam that is laid down in the Quran and the Hadith.

Islam is, in it’s current form, an open invitation to individuals who are predisposed to terrorism. It is being used by these people as a means to inflict barbarity onto countless numbers of innocent people (including Muslims) under the guise of Islam. In short, they are using Islam as a cover to commit acts of terror.

Why is this possible? Because the Quran was written at a time of enormous violence and bloodshed; religious conquest and subjugation. The Quran preaches, at great length, about these battles. Over 1400 years later, we now find Islamists using these verses in the Quran, to justify their terrorism. It fits their narrative completely.

The very fact that Islamic terrorists are able to use the Quran with such ease, highlights the urgent need for reform.

If reform is to even begin to take place, then we first need to have open dialogue. That dialogue has been resisted by many, for too long.

Pretending that Islamic State (ISIS) and other Islamic terror groups are “not proper Muslims” is not going to solve the problems we face. This pretence can go on for only so long. Even if the likes of ISIS are defeated. They are certain to be replaced by others, who are inspired to act in an identical manner. Spurred on by exactly the same verses in the Quran that ISIS exploited with such devastation.

Muslim faith leaders need to accept there is a problem with some of the fundamental teachings in the Quran. They need to acknowledge the scale of this problem.

The difficult subject of Muslims being encouraged to emulate the behaviour of the prophet Mohammed also needs to be addressed. Emulating the prophets  behaviour in the 7th century, in today’s world, cannot continue. Imaam’s need to accept this if we are to make any progress at all.

Once we have overcome that first hurdle, we can change the direction of the path we are treading. Away from the path heading to deepening fear, resentment and crisis. To that of reformation and reclaiming the religion of Islam.

In the face of global terrorism, being committed in the name of Islam, the need for reform has never been more urgent.

An analysis of the verses from the Quran has been published here to demonstrate what is driving this terrorism. The aim being that we, collectively,  put into action the steps needed for the reform of Islam.

It is clear that we need to move away from treating the symptoms, to treating the root cause.

If Islam is to survive as a credible religion and if the world is to defeat Islamic terrorism. There is no absolutely no doubt that a reformation not only must take place, but it is long overdue.



5 thoughts on “Islam – The need for reformation

  1. This is very accurate. Whenever islamic terror acts occur people are quick to say “it’s because the Western powers invaded the Arabs and so they are taking revenge” or “it’s not true Islam; Isis and al Qaeda are not true Muslims”. The liberal Muslims also say these things. What those of us living in the West do not understand is that if ISIS for example succeeds in establishing an Islamic caliphate, the so-called “liberal Muslims” who claim that ISIS are not Muslims would be happy about and also support the caliphate.

    Thanks for telling the truth

  2. “…if ISIS for example succeeds in establishing an Islamic caliphate, the so-called “liberal Muslims” who claim that ISIS are not Muslims would be happy about and also support the caliphate.”

    Yes, I believe so, too. I like also that the author says not to call ISIS, “Daesh.” I agree and in fact do not even say, “ISIS.” I say, “Islamic State.”

  3. There is NO “Islamic State” in Syria nor Iraq. Daesh is a pejorative term for these jihadis.
    Therefore it is more accurate than IS/ISIL/ISIS. Daesh has lost Al Bab & will soon lose Mosul and Raqqa; there will then be no major ‘power center’ for these barbarians.

    Islamic reform? IMPOSSIBLE! Koran is the perfect word of allah, unchangeable until ‘the last day’. THIS is why Islamic terror and subjugation has lasted 1400 years & a ‘reformed’ Islam would no longer BE Islam. The whole idea is dangerous; taqiyya means the hated kuffar can be lied to in order to convince them that Islam is now truly peaceful.

  4. Thank you for highlighting the koran’s verses of jihad, violence and hatred.
    I do not believe Islam is a religion- I believe mohammad invented and developed it as justification for his war on Arab traders for his personal enrichment. Initially, in Mecca he was probably genuine but his failure to establish Islam there led to his ‘conversion’ to violence in Medinah and subsequent success as supreme warlord of Arabia. He became a classic psychopath, without a doubt.
    Islam survives by fear [and lies]- as he said “LO! I have been made victorious through TERROR”. This statement explains all anyone needs to know about the so-called ‘Religion of Peace’.

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