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Islam – The need for a reformation


We are a group that is committed to championing the need to reform Islam.

We are not affiliated with any religion. We have members from all religions, as well as members that belong to no religion.

We find ourselves living in a world that is experiencing unprecedented terrorism. Much of this terrorism is being committed by Islamists, in the name of Islam.

Despite this overwhelming religious aspect to the terrorism, we are wholly failing to examine the connection with the religion concerned.

Any debate that is attempted in this area is quickly silenced with accusations of Islamophobia. This cannot continue. We are failing as a nation and we are failing as a planet, if we collectively refuse any probing into the reasons why Islam is at the centre of the worlds terrorism.

As part of a wider project to bring about the reform of Islam, this site is publishing a summary of the verses from the Quran that are being used to justify terror and bloodshed in the name of Islam.

The verses contained in my report are accurate. Checked against 7 translations, they are based on Sahih International. Being the most popular and respected translation.
You may wish to check these verses for yourself at the website: www.corpus.quran.com

We will not defeat terrorism, either in the UK or abroad, if politicians and the media, who appear to have scant knowledge of what the scriptures of Islam actually say, continue to proclaim Islam as the “religion of peace”.

Taking this approach is undermining efforts that are being made to bring about the reform of Islam. It is stifling debate and hampering any chance of tackling terrorism.

We need to accept that these terror groups are basing their acts of terror on what is written in the Quran. Their interpretation is neither twisted nor wrong.

They are not basing their ideology on an ancient outdated form of Islam that is not being read by Muslims today. It is very much the Islam that is worshipped by Muslims today. However, these Muslims may themselves be completely unaware of the content of the Muslim scriptures. Continuing to simply ignore the sections of the Quran that call for Jihad and conquest is no longer an option.

The fact is, Islamic terrorists are simply following the orders clearly laid out in the Quran.

The Quran unambiguously orders its followers to:

  • Behead non-believers
  • Fight Jihad to advance the cause of Islam
  • Emigrate to the Caliphate (Islamic State)
  • Martyr themselves in the name of Islam
  • Murder gay people
  • Harbour intense hatred of Jews and Christians
  • Keep female captives as sex slaves
  • Praise the Al Muhajiroun terrorist group
  • Treat this life as a temporary diversion, Paradise in the afterlife is the ultimate goal, and is achieved by taking part in Jihad warfare


I must stress that there are no interpretation issues with these verses. There is no context to consider. They have been thoroughly checked by well versed scholars.

The atrocities being committed in the Islamic State and by Islamists elsewhere are endorsed as doctrine in the Quran.

These are verses that are being read by Muslims in the UK and abroad; and are a leading factor in the self-radicalisation of those who go on to commit terror.

Hate preachers and Islamist social media campaigns are not the driving forces that are turning some Muslims into radicals. These individuals only need to pick up a copy of the Quran. The radicalising very often takes place by merely reading the Islamic scriptures.

The only solution to Islamist terrorism is the reform of Islam.

It is a mistake to refer to Islamic State as Daesh.  This is counterintuitive.  By doing this, you distance Islamic State from Islam. Consequently, quashing any debate about Islamic doctrine that may otherwise have had a chance to take place.

Certain verses and teachings of Islam in the Quran, such as crucifixion, sexual slavery, amputation and beheading are no longer valid in today’s society.

Until we accept this and start a proper dialogue, in the media, in Government and with the wider Muslim community, we will be witnessing Islamic terrorism for generations to come. That is a tragedy than can and must be avoided.